I’m a Good Person in a Horrible World

The world sucks. Every day in my social media feeds I am bombarded with kidnappings, missing children, shootings, entitled kids breaking the law with no repercussions, dumb politicians, people that are famous for absolutely nothing, gang activity, theft, sex tape scandals, genocide, hate crimes, hateful people and just people that are overall stupid and repulsive.That is any given day just on my news feed. I don’t even watch news channels. How is any child supposed to stand even the slightest chance of growing up without a completely warped view of the world. Here I am trying to set a good example, and there’s the outside world taking a nice steaming shit on my good examples. Thanks a lot.

I have a somewhat jaded view of the world. In my own personal experiences I have had friends that have stabbed me in the back, experienced loss and pain, cheated and been cheated on, and been a bartender. That alone has made me hesitant of the general population. I have a hard enough time convincing my kid that I don’t hate everyone who isn’t related to me because of my experiences with people on a day to day basis. Now don’t get me wrong. Hiding in all those unpleasant personal experiences are some pretty great ones as well. Awesome family members, the greatest friends, a loving husband and a really cool kid. But how do I show her that the world isn’t completely populated with fucktards?

Here I am with my reusable grocery bags, my conflict free wedding band and my refillable water infuser. I recycle, I buy locally as much as possible and I buy organic whenever possible. Why do I do these things? Because my 6 year old knows that McDonald’s puts chemicals in their food. She knows that the spray some companies use on their produce is toxic. Have you had to explain what toxic means to your 6 year old? Because I had to yesterday. She knows that people litter. She sees it on the side of the road. She knows that we have to cut up those plastic things that come on 6 packs so turtles and dolphins and fish don’t die. Do you know how she knows that? Because a kids movie had one stuck on a penguin!! She cares about shark conservation. She knows what oil spills are and doesn’t understand why we can’t find another mode of transportation. I’m kind of with her on that one, I have a phone that can speak to me in condescending tone, but I can’t have a clean energy car. My 6 year old is more environmentally aware than most adults, because most adults are too busy Keeping up with the Kardashians to notice the decline around them.

As we drive along, it breaks my heart to hear her ask why there is garbage on the side of the road. How do you tell a kid that older people, people that are supposed to set an example, can’t even be bothered to not throw their garbage out of their car window? How do you explain to your 6 year old that some people don’t think its right for her uncle to have a boyfriend when she sees it as something as natural as mommy and daddy being together? How do you explain to your kid that people as a whole, are painfully ignorant of the fact that there is a much bigger world than their own little bubble.

So I’m over here, setting a good example for Bean. We have a little herb garden, we go to the produce stand together. I use products that are as chemical free as I can find. We use essential oils in our home for a lot of stuff. I don’t expect anyone to pat me on the back for the things I do. My brother scoffed at me when I told him that I wanted the Hubs to make sure my engagement ring diamond was conflict free. He implied that I was naive to believe that it didn’t come from the same monsters that profited off of child soldiers and innocent lives just to hoard majority of the worlds diamonds in a vault to keep the price high. I read up on the jeweler my ring came from and I choose to believe that my insistence on this topic is important. Because it is important, if only to me. Maybe that will make it important to Bean one day.

Just today I came across a headline that read “American Dentist Killed Beloved Zimbabwe Lion”. I can’t honestly say I’m shocked that American was the first word in the title. This dentist from Minnesota apparently paid $55,000 to go kill a lion. And he didn’t kill just any lion. He killed a famous one. He had guides lure the lion off the preserve so he could kill it. And the American population has the nerve to wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are all assholes. He killed a famous and endangered/protected lion for sport. I think we should let the lions hunt him. Bean loves nature. LOVES ANIMALS. She’s supposed to grow up in this world? Sometimes I think she too kind for it. She wants to make a difference. She sees things Winter the dolphin and she wants to do something that will make a difference, but the way the world is going I think she is only to hit dead ends at every turn.

Then there’s the entitled people who screw up and don’t have to pay the consequences. How are we supposed to teach her that there are consequences when the Disney Channel shows a bratty 8 year old sassing her nanny and not getting in trouble. There’s kids taking their parents boats out when it’s not even legal for them to be on the boat without an adult and now they are lost at sea and there are countless man hours being devoted to this, even the United States Navy is involved. Do you know why? Because the kids come from affluent families. Their next door neighbor is Joe Namath. Do I hope the kids are okay? Yes. Is this a nightmare for the families to have to endure? Absolutely. Should they have been out in open water by themselves in July in Florida, where the summer weather can turn on them in an instant? No. Are there laws in place to prevent such things? Yes. Will there be repercussions for the flagrant disregard of boating safety laws? Probably not. Another man disappeared on the water that very same day and I just heard about it today. 4 days later, just found the headline a few hours ago. As a mother, my heart goes out to them, but as parent………What the hell were they thinking? Where did they get the keys to the boat? Where did they get the money for gas? What makes them think they could navigate the 85 miles of open water between FL and the Bahamas at the tender age of 14? What makes them think that angler and boater are remotely the same thing? I will probably get scolded for this, and I am sorry if it offends anyone. I really do hope the kids make it home safe. But here I am trying to teach my kid the right choices. And these kids made the wrong choices and now the US military is looking for them. Kind of skewers my perspective a little bit.

I’m a good person in a horrible world.

I’m an even better parent in a horrible world.