The week(and a half) in Retrospect 11/17-11/25


Wow….a busy week, with even more ahead. Bean had her 6th birthday this past week. She seemed to grow up overnight, telling me that 6 year olds don’t do the same things 5 year olds do. We took cupcakes for her class, she got to wear a crown for the day and we had a wonderful family party with the Birthday Girl choosing dinner- Sloppy Joes. She also made out like a bandit, as usual. It was a good time. She got a quiet celebration because the plan was to take her to Disney World this past Sunday. Unfortunately she got sick the night of her birthday and we have to reschedule our trip to the House of the Mouse. Then Bean’s Thanksgiving vacation started. Did you know they get the entire week off??? When I went to school we got Thursday and Friday off. Now they get the entire week…..yay! Thank goodness for Grandparents 🙂 Then it was also my brother’s birthday on Sunday, so another family gathering(if you’re keeping count, that’s 2 in 4 days). And now we prepare for the ultimate family gathering. Thanksgiving. Turkey Day. National Eat Until You Hate Yourself Day. This entails house cleaning, food assignment, entertainment, etc. Its akin to planning a wedding, just condensed into a week or 2 instead of months. So Bean has been off from school a few days(she had sick days too) and I’ve gotten a grand total of 5% of my housework done.

And just in case the impending gathering/holiday isn’t enough….apparently lots of people got busy on valentine’s day because Bean has a birthday party to attend on Saturday. Now for those of you following me, but don’t personally know me…..the Saturday after Thanksgiving is reserved for 1 thing. The Florida State v. University of Florida game. I love Seminole football. My brother is a Gator fan. This game is what we look forward to all year. Looking at the invite for the birthday I can glean this about the parents. They are not fans of either team. The party starts at 3. Kickoff is 3:30……is 6 too young to drop her off at the party and run? The party isn’t even at a house so that I might be able to sneak away and watch the game….it’s at a gymnastics/cheer school. FML.

Christmas. Ahhh Christmas. That wonderful holiday that causes you to hate television because of all the toy commercials. This year Thanksgiving is late, so apparently we lose a week of decorating time. We have this tradition in my family. After the effects of Thanksgiving dinner have worn off, my Mom sends her 3 groggy children into the attic to from a decoration unloading train. It’s actually not that bad now because my folks downsized. A few years ago I believe the last box count was like 28 boxes 🙂 I think now its like 10 or 12. So I took a hint from my mom and got my Christmas boxes out today. I was taking a lovely snowman cookie jar into the kitchen when the lid slipped out of my hand and shattered. Apparently I am why we can’t have nice things 🙂 So now I have a headless/hatless snowman jar. So now we are in holiday transition, busy busy bees in the Beach Bum house. So for now, enjoy your turkey, overeat, and be nice to your family, because eventually the alcohol will run out 🙂

Happy Turkey Day!