The worst Childrens’ book ever written

horrible book

So Bean and her friend E have been swapping books for the past few days. The most recent swap has me somewhat concerned. E brought a book over for Bean titled “My Beautiful Mommy”. Now I’m sure your train of thought is somewhere in the vicinity of where mine was; “This must be one of those books they sell around Mother’s Day.” No, it most definitely is not. It is the polar opposite of one of those sweet books.

It is a book about a mother getting cosmetic surgery. A tummy tuck and a nose job to be exact. And for no other reason than that the mother is vain. After the mother explains what kind of surgery she will be getting, the daughter then asks “So will you look different?” to which mommy replies “Not just different, PRETTIER.” Are you effing kidding me?!?!?!

Now let me clarify, I am not against cosmetic surgery. I’ve wanted a breast reduction since I was like 17. I have several friends who have had cosmetic surgery. I am against a book that basically says it’s totally okay to not embrace your “imperfections”. Our kids, daughters especially, face a daily barrage of media standards that say a thigh gap is more desirable than confidence. The skinnier the better. The bigger the butt the better. So now along with television, music and social media telling them they aren’t perfect, there’s now a book basically explaining how to attain this “unattainable” image.

The mother explains the reason for the tummy tuck as follows: “As I get older, my body stretches and I can’t fit into my old clothes.” Bitch, did your bones stretch? Eat better, work out, wear yoga pants like the rest of suburbia. Maybe wear your yoga pants to work out! You just told your daughter that it’s perfectly okay to get surgery to fit into your clothes, way to go, mom of the fucking year right there. I have a child, and I was very lucky in that I literally got 5 stretch marks during my entire pregnancy. but I also know that some moms have a few more battle scars and are self conscious about them. And that is perfectly fine. Even if they wanted to get the same procedure done, I doubt they would explain to their young impressionable daughter that way, or even explain it to them at all until they are much older and able to understand. Some moms wear them with pride, and some hide them. Child-bearing is akin to being in battle. Christ, Spartan women were given soldier burials when they died in child birth, wear those fucking tiger stripes girlfriend!!!!

Again, are you fucking kidding me. So I Google the book, surprise surprise, it was written by a plastic surgeon. Supposedly he wrote this book to help kids understand the concept and what mommy is choosing to do. And even bigger surprise, I’m not the only person who seems to think that this book was in poor taste.

So my review of this book is that it is awful. Absolutely fucking awful. If you need kindling for a fire, by all means purchase this book. My thoughts on this book are that it is despicable, abhorrent and just plain repulsive. As soon as I finished reading it, I asked Bean if she thought there was anything mommy should change about herself, and thankfully my beautiful, intelligent daughter said “No mommy, you’re already perfect.” I think I’m doing my job as a mom.

Please, if you’re looking for a book to read while sticking your toes in the sand, don’t ever, ever, ever buy or read this book.


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  1. Oh how I love you! Xoxoxo I think I hear your Uncle asking how do you really feel. lol You are so like him and I mean that in the best way 🙂


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