The magic of baby wipes

Bean is almost 7. Well past the age of needing baby wipes. But we have them in the house all the same. Why? Here’s just a few of the reasons:

  1. Magic Stain Remover!!: I’m serious. carpet stains, food stains, deodorant stains, I have yet to meet a stain that a couple of baby wipes can’t take care of.
  2. Pet care: Pet companies make lots of wipes for eyes and ears and coats. And those are all great, we even have a pack of lemongrass wipes because we live in mosquito central, but we also use baby wipes. We use them on Chewbacca’s coat, his eyes and ears and any stains he might leave on the carpet. He smells good and I know they are gentle on his skin 🙂
  3. The car: Ah my car. The Black Hole. Where school supplies and hair ties go to die. I keep a pack of wipes in the car for several reasons. Upholstery stains. They work wonders. I mean it. With a little elbow grease, I can remove every stain on my upholstery. I also use them to wipe down my dash and console every so often. They are especially handy when Bean is in the car, as their primary use is to clean up excrement, they are great for wiping her hands and face.
  4. The laundry: Ok I’ve already covered their amazing stain removal abilities, but air dried baby wipes can also be used as dryer sheets. Since Bean has sensitive skin, this is appealing because they are formulated for a baby’s skin.
  5. Around the house: Baby wipes are great for cleaning sneakers like Converse. They are also great as makeup remover wipes(the gentleness is appealing). We also use them to clean our dry erase board and chalkboard in our kitchen command center.
  6. First Aid: We use them to clean scraped knees and other boo-boos. They are soft, gentle and soothing.

I have tried each one of these methods in my home. They work wonderfully. There are also many posts listing even more ways to use these wonderful wipes around the house. As I find more uses for baby wipes I will be sure to add them to the list.


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