Homework Station

So Bean is in Kindergarten. Not a whole of homework going on there, but there is the occasional packet sent home. We aren’t millionaires, so Bean has an average size room. We live in a beautiful townhouse and try to maximize our space. And D hates clutter. Hates the kitchen table being covered in stuff. So I got an old desk, pretty basic, and made an area just for Bean. She has everything she might need to do school work. Or even do art. And its all organized and easily accessible. So she can sit in the dining room(a common area) and do her work or project, and not be left out. That’s huge for her. Her room is upstairs, so it’s away from the goings-on of the house. That way she can talk to us, and even ask for help if she needs it, all the while allowing me to complete tasks like dishes or cooking dinner. So far its been a great success and she loves having her own space, especially since Mommy and Daddy have their own desk. Sometime in the future I plan to sand it down and paint it with chalk paint, that way she can work out math problems or whatnot. The possibilities are endless. And all you need are a few things:

An old hand me down desk, or you can fashion a custom area out of Cube storage and plywood

School supplies:pencils, erasers, colored pencils, crayons, kid scissors, a dry erase board, etc

Workbooks, flash cards, books, etc. I actually got most of those things in the $1 section at Target during back to school.

I let Bean decorate her area with a vase and a candle(she knows not to light it) and a stuffed animal.

The best part is, when she gets home from school, she puts her backpack there and takes out her school folder and agenda just like she does every morning at school. that way I get to sign whatever I need to sign and she can show me what she did during school. Anything to help contain the hurricane that is children 🙂


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