Just a small town girl

Hi! I’m Megan. Stay at home mom,Student, Classroom Mom, Household CEO, CFO, Janitorial staff, Keeper of Schedules, Dog Walker, Conflict Resolution Specialist, Chef, Nurse…..the list goes on and on. I have worked my whole life, but upon relocating from Washington(state) to Florida(my home state) my ever so benevolent husband gave me to option to be a stay at home mom while I pursue a job/career that truly makes me happy instead of making me realize how much patience I lack for people in general 🙂 I used to be a bartender. Make no mistake, I am highly educated and intelligent. I just get bored very easily and don’t like sitting still for long periods of time, which is why bartending appealed to me. After our child was born it also allowed me to spend every day with her, while working at night. This also led to a level of exhaustion I had never before experienced in all my years on this earth. So the Hubs, in thinking he was doing me a favor, said he wanted me to refocus and enjoy being a stay at home mom while getting my chosen profession up and running. So I figured in the interim, I would put that college education to good use and write. Write about the good days, the bad days, the in between days. Luckily parenting didn’t come with an instruction manual, which is fine because those things are impossible to read anyway. It’s a learn as you go job, you hit the ground running and just when you think you’re too tired to possibly go on, you find the energy to play yet another game of hide-n-seek or My Little Pony. If you’re reading this blog for advice, you might find some, but chances are its going to be blunt and to the point. My specialty isn’t sugarcoating. That’s Willy Wonka’s job, not mine. Being a bartender and server for so many years, I have developed an overactive sarcastic reflex. This is my outlet. at the end of the day(or week) this is my peace and quiet. An insight into the life of someone else who is also pretty sure she’s messing her kid up beyond repair, but hopefully in my daughter’s eyes, I’m kicking ass and taking names(and naps). Enjoy my musings, tell me your opinions, share your own experiences. Life is what you make it, and I’ve made mine a Lego minefield


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