It’s not the kids’ fault


I’ve often muttered to myself “I hate other people’s children.” I know, it’s ironic considering I’m going to be a teacher. But as I was working at my other job over the weekend I realized that it’s actually not the children I hate; well not entirely. It’s the parents. These asshole, responsibility shirking parents. Who in turn, raise asshole, responsibility shirking children.

Over the weekend I was hosting at the restaurant I work at. It was Saturday night and there were several important college football games on. Before I even clocked in I noticed 2 boys sitting at a table close to the bar completely unsupervised. Their parents were sitting at the bar completely ignoring them. Sadly, these were not the only kids to be ignored that night. These boys were completely without adult supervision for 3 hours. They were running around the restaurant and parking lot, climbing on restaurant equipment and basically annoying the ever living shit out of me. Then they were joined by 6(yes I said 6) more unsupervised children. Their parents were watching a later football game. Over the course of 3 more hours not one adult ever came outside to check on these children or tell them that running in a dark parking lot is dangerous.

Bean would never get away with that behavior. First of all I would never expect her to remain entertained at a restaurant while I watched football. Never mind the fact that these people basically got free childcare out of me, they also took up a large table for several hours so the server in that section couldn’t make anymore money. These parents are lazy. They saw fit to leave their children in the care of a total stranger while they drank and watched football. Because these parents set such a fine example for their children, these kids thought it was totally acceptable to run amok and act like little heathens. When did we become a society that teaches our kids that basic decency does not apply. Why are we teaching them that ignoring them and letting them run wild in a public setting is ok? When did people become too cheap to pay a sitter? These kids are going to grow up thinking that ignoring their own children is normal. When I was little if we acted up in a restaurant my mom snatched us out of there so quickly we probably got whiplash. We would’ve never thought it was ok to climb on equipment or act like little assholes. Even now, I bring a small bag to restaurants full of things to keep Bean busy. it’s got books, crayons, her tablet. And that is just for a normal length restaurant experience. I have never and will never take her to a restaurant to watch a sporting event unless she is as avid of a fan as I am and we are actually watching the game.

It’s not just at restaurants either. I see it all the time. I’ve seen it in Vegas. Yes in Las Vegas. Kids sitting in the hotel lobby while their parents do whatever. I’ve seen it in Target. Its so commonplace now for parents to be completely oblivious to their children and then act surprised when they do something wrong or even worse, go missing or get hurt.

What are we teaching them? What kind of impression is this behavior making? Also, how are they accomplishing this amazing feat? I can’t go 10 minutes without acknowledging Bean, let alone 3 hours. how are they pulling this off? What is their secret? I must know.


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