Adjusting to new life

So I’m new to this “stay at home Mom” concept. I’ve worked since I was 14. It’s an interesting change, but no less demanding. I used to work as a bartender and server. Those jobs seem easy now, almost like a vacation. Now instead of answering to multiple bosses and numerous drunk people, I answer to one 42 pound dictator; The Bean. She tells me when it’s time to wake up, when its time to leave for school, what shes having for breakfast, and what she expects for snack when she gets home from school. Bean is 5, going on 25. She makes me so proud, with her growing independence and her twisted sense of humor. Sometimes I’m fearful of what the future holds because she has my same sense of sarcasm, and at 5 has an amazingly accurate grasp of how to use it. I’m married to a wonderful man “D”, who seems to be under the misconception that stay at home moms have all the free time in the world to do whatever they’d like. HA HA HA HA. i guess he thinks the groceries just magically appear in the fridge and the floor vacuums itself. We also have 2 dogs, Smeagles(Smelly Beagle) and Chewbacca. I also have the pleasure( and sometimes even the misfortune) of living close to my family, which almost always leads to good times and laughter. On top of adjusting to this new role in my life,I am also taking on the endeavor of entrepreneurship, so I figure “hey, why not chronicle these experiences and put some of that expensive college education to good use?” so here i am. This is my first ever blog post, there will be many more to follow. I’ll post about funny things, sad things, awesome things and some issues close to my heart. I’ll even post a recipe or 20.  Let the hilarity ensue!


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